Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Autism awareness... acceptance... celebration... whatever Day

Hi everyone. I should have a wonderful new post for you today about autism and my son Jacob. But I don't. Today is the final day of my sons' week and a half long spring break, and I've been too busy being a mom.

Today I could have ignored my son Jacob and written a post or spent the day tooling around the city with him, running errands and enjoying his company. You know which way I went with that.

So instead, you can read the posts I wrote last year: My 1 in 88 or Still Aware and Still Accepting and the year before: Every day is Autism Awareness Day 'round these parts

You can read some wonderful posts my friends have written this year, such as: I'm Aware. and I Got A Name

You could check out the Autism Shines Facebook page and see the faces of so many beautiful autistic folks.

And if you're one of the strangers Jake walked up to yesterday, flashed his sweet smile at and asked to pant like a dog or meow like a cat (then gave a demonstration)? Maybe you're a bit more aware today anyway. 

If you're one of the strangers who smiled back and obliged him? Definitely accepting. And thank you! 


  1. Oh my gosh, this is an awesome post, especially that graphic. By the way, had a kid come up to me and wanted me to act like a dog or a cat, I would have done it, no questions asked. :)

  2. I'm with Jake: fartypants is pretty effing hysterical. We're also fond of "fartosaurus" in these parts....


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