Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Boys Spring Haircuts - 2013 Edition

Before haircuts - obviously

As promised: photographic evidence from the boys spring haircuts a couple of weeks ago, before and after. And then even some fun together afterwards: goofing around on the Riverside Park cannonballs, a thing that never seems to get old, even if Ethan has long outgrown the playground.

First: Shaggy!

During: Ethan in the chair, Jake checking out his new 'do in the mirror.

And after: Shorn!


Happy Spring everyone!


  1. They went from looking like tweens to looking like teens once their hair was shorn! Such good looking kids.

  2. OK, the kids are beautiful both shaggy and shorn, that's a given. But it was even more lovely to see so many pictures of smiles and affection between your guys.

  3. They are both adorable and exuberant -- with fabulous hair!

  4. I always think it's so funny that my boy looks way older after a haircut too! Your little men are adorable. Just found your blog, thanks for sharing. I'll be sure to tune in often :)


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