Saturday, September 8, 2012

The LTYM Videos have Launched!

LTYM-NYC, the most amazing group, EVER!

Remember all the way back to last spring? (Early May, in matter of fact.) I certainly do. It was a happier time. Before my mother's (down)fall.

I was SO busy, all wrapped up in New York City's premiere of the Listen to Your Mother Show (LTYM) - a national event in 10 cities. I was producing as well as reading, so I really didn't have time to be nervous about my performance.

It was an amazing a experience. A highlight of both my blogging and theater life.

And today, FINALLY, the videos are up on YouTube.


Please watch the whole show if you can, because EVERYONE in our NYC cast was amazing.

And then watch EVERYONE in Washington, DC; Austin, Texas; Northwest Arkansas; and Spokane, Washington as well.

An now EVERYONE in Chicago; Madison, Wisconsin; Northwest Indiana; Philadelphia; and San Fransisco, too! 

Hours of top notch entertainment, folks. And free!

And if you particularly want to watch me? Here I am, live on tape:


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