Monday, September 10, 2012

Hopeful about the New School Year

There was a lot of change for Jacob to manage on this, on his first day of school this year. He is in a new classroom, with a new teacher, moving up a level, now in his last year of "elementary."

And even more significant, his school has undergone a transformation, now housed in a new, singular building instead of being spread out; no longer being special needs guests in a series of larger, typical, Catholic Schools....

Yes! it IS the 10th of the month. So to read the rest, come over to Hopeful Parents for my monthly post:  

First Day of School Highs and Lows

So go there now. Enjoy!

And come back here tomorrow for more.... whatever (I have no idea which of the 5,000 things squashing me right now I will be writing about, or maybe I'll try to lighten up the joint with some comic relief, you never know.)

And thanks for all the support that's been flowing out to me lately. It is heard, felt,  and much appreciated.

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