Sunday, September 30, 2012

September Round-Up: What I Loved on OTHER People's Blogs

Long Shadow, Queens by Neil Kramer
Welcome to the September edition of my monthly "What I Loved on OTHER People's Blogs" feature. The place where I share what has caught my eye (and brain, and heart) on the internet over the past month.

Also, as usual, I am featuring many photos from my friend and amazing intstagram photographer  Neil Kramer - of the blog Citizen of the Month - who was still in New York this month, beautifully capturing the spirit of our wondrous city.

It's a lot of posts this month. I've been a fair bit insomniac, which leads to lots of reading. Also there's a lot of autism related posts. (Maybe to make up for my not writing that much about autism myself lately?)

Whatevs. Without further ado...  Enjoy!

7 Train Now by Neil Kramer
Parenting (Autistic) Kids is Hard from Jean (Stimey) of Stimeyland 

How We Do It, Part XVI in a series by Elizabeth of a moon, worn as if it had been a shell

Sex by "Murphy Brown" at Autism Underground

Face in the Limo by Neil Kramer

Meditation For An Autism Mom by Whac-A-Mole Mom of My Whac-A-Mole Life at The Oxygen Mask Project

Falling down the rabbit hole of 'why?' by Louise of BLOOM - Parenting Kids With Disabilities 

the noise of life by Jessica of Four plus an angel at mamalode

This month Neil added a little twist to some of his photos - captions that transform them into perfect mini-dramas. Here are two of my favorites:

"I'm not in love with you anymore," she told him the next morning. "I'm also sleeping with your brother." (Photo: Neil Kramer)

"Look at this schmuck, walking around with his phone out like he's married to it. You know he's not getting laid." (Photo: Neil Kramer)

Just A Little Something by Anna of An Inch of Gray

The Waiting is the Hardest Part by Kristin of Running to be Still

Every Time I Talk About Depression – Being Brave by Chris of Chris Brogan

The Summer Officially Ends, NYC by Neil Kramer

Seeing Someone as Limited Means Seeing Them as Less by Kim of Countering

Actually, Motherhood Is the Toughest Job I’ve Ever Loved by Joslyn of stark. raving. mad. mommy. at Babble's Strollerderby

Here Comes The Sun by Alysia of Try Defying Gravity

Working at Starbucks, NYC by Neil Kramer

hurt is not betrayal by Jess of a diary of a mom

It's about the sanity  by Patty of Pancakes Gone Awry

Tell It Like It Is – On Being Asked What It Is Like to Have an Autistic Child
by Leigh of Flappiness Is...

We're Dead and Sleeping With Ghosts by AV Flox of Sex and the 405 at BlogHer

Tour bus by Neil Kramer
And as September contains both the anniversary of 9/11, and Rosh Hashanah / Yom Kippur (The Jewish New Year / High Holy Days) I feel this round-up wouldn't be complete without posts on these matters.

So here is a (beautifully written) 9/11 memory for you:

The Formative Days by Sarah of Sarah Piazza

NYPD, NYFD, NYC by Neil Kramer

And a Rosh Hashanah / Yom Kippur post (with vlog component - a Round-up first!):

Shosh Hashanah: As The New Year Begins by Shoshana of Shoshuga

Shoes by Neil Kramer

Hope you found something new and interesting to read. Or re-discovered an old "friend" of a blog that fell of your reading list.

And if you come across anything in the course of your reading that you think "This is a fantastic thing that is just up Varda's alley, she should read this and feature it in her monthly round-up post!"? Let me know about it via Twitter - @SquashedMom.

(And finally three more wonderful Neil photos, just because...)

Photos of NYC by Neil Kramer


  1. Thanks for sharing! Off to read....

  2. Wow, those photos are just amazing, and I always love your monthly round up x

  3. This is such an amazing collection of posts and photos. And thank you so much for including me!

  4. SO honored to be in this collection. Oh goodness Varda, these posts are amazing and those photos are gorgeous. Thank you.

  5. Nice one's !! Love me some NYC photos and more blogs !! Cheers Varda !!

  6. What a fantastic idea, Varda. I love it. Now, I'm off to read!

  7. New to your blog and I love it!! And thanks for the highlights of all these other great blogs to visit. Off to prop my feet up and read for a little while longer.
    Take Care!

  8. Neil has such a talent for bringing something so different with his camera, doesn't he?

    His pictures remind me of old school LIFE magazines.

  9. I've read and loved a lot of these posts. I go now to read the best. Awesome pictures.


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