Thursday, September 13, 2012

Blowing my Own Horn: I was on Huffpost Live!

I recently got yelled at by a good friend for burying this news at the bottom of my last post. So here I am actually promoting myself... 


The backstory: This past Monday I got an email in the wee hours of the morning asking if I could be a part of a live broadcast THAT EVENING about Sandwich Generation issues on the Huffpost Live channel as one of three "community guests."

We would be joining their live guest Annabelle Gurwitch, who had recently written a post called "Sandwiched" for The Huffington Post site, via Google Hangout.

Well, in spite of being balls-to-the-walls swamped I said yes because well, MY topic folks, not gonna say no. And thankfully, Danny was home that night, no conflicting event so he could be point person on kidcare. Not that it would have been terrible if one of them had burst in upon me mid-broadcast, just would have underscored the "never get a break" nature of Sandwich Generation caregiving.

It was a great experience, a lively discussion, and my fellow community members - Taryn Mitchell, and Bette Scott - were lovely, lovely women. We had a lot to say to each other on the topic, and I think I may have even enjoyed our small private conversation while waiting for our segment to come up even more than the actual official one. (Wish I had found a way to record that!)

So watch, enjoy, and stop yelling at me!

(And yeah I AM terrible at this self-promotion thing, if I were really good at it I would be publishing this tomorrow morning at 9 AM for maximum traffic, but I have something else I want to post tomorrow so... oh well.)


  1. I'm stressed just listening, but so glad you alerted us to your (typically articulate) appearance. You are a great spokesperson for so many of us in this leaky rowboat.

  2. Very cool, Varda, and some great publicity for your blog, too!



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