Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Not Really Wordless Wednesday: Mugging

No, not THAT kind of mugging (thank goodness)... This kind:

Last Sunday was one of those unseasonably warm days. It was the very end of Spring Break. Ethan had a birthday party to attend on the East side, very near my Mother's place, so we went to see her for a short visit afterward.

After dropping her off in the dining room, then stepping out into the late afternoon sunshine, I had a brainstorm: Ethan and I should go out to dinner; just Mother and Son, enjoying a rare balmy April evening.

I called Dan who was home with Jake and told them they were on their own for dinner, and he was OK with that.

He knew Ethan had been complaining that "Jake got all this time alone with you Mom while I was in basketball camp, and I didn't get any." So we needed this time together.

The Barking Dog Diner, one of my favorite casual local joints, was just two blocks away, and had a slew of outdoor tables.

After we put in our order (I had my usual grilled salmon sandwich on 7-grain bread - the one I had craved constantly during my pregnancy) we had time to kill together sitting around the table.

Ethan was itching to get his hands on my iPhone and play games, but I didn't want to lose him to the screens. I suggested we take advantage of the sunshine and his cuteness and take some photos. Hence the mugging.

Ethan LOVES to pose dramatically, though he often cracks himself up doing it. He has a hard time keeping the "brooding" face on. Goofy is much easier for him.

Altogether? A perfect evening.


  1. What an awesome day with your son. He's so handsome! Glad you got to enjoy the one-on-one time.

  2. What fun. He has a lot of personality in him!


  3. WONDERFUL and delightful for both of you! Hooray! :) My grandkids all love playing with my iPhone - both with the camera apps (their favorite app for that is CamWow ) and all the fun game apps I have. But talking time is always best, isn't it? The apps are wonderfully handy for those times when quiet is necessary tho - especially when great-grandma is in the car with us. :) Have a blessed week. (I linked to a list of some of our most useful iphone apps for the kids :) )

  4. what great pictures of your handsome boy. It's so important to have that alone time with each of them (I learned that from you..thank you!)

    his smile tells me all I need to know !

  5. So great! Looks like a beautiful spring day in the city.

  6. It's so nice to take some time with just one kid. GREAT photos!


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