Thursday, April 5, 2012

March Round-Up: What I Loved on OTHER People's Blogs

"Cloudy Afternoon" by Neil Kramer

Welcome to the March edition of "What I Loved on OTHER People's Blogs."

Yes, I know its April 5th, so I'm a little late... are you surprised? Really? You must be new around here. Anyway, to recap: it's a regular monthly round-up of what has caught my eye (and brain, and heart) on the internet.

And this month I'm going heavy on the newest feature, favorite instagram photos from other blogging photographer's instagram feeds. And this month these are, as I predicted last month, all by my friend Neil Kramer, the AMAZING intstagram photographer who also blogs at Citizen of the Month. And if you love his photos as I do, you can follow his feed though his twitter handle @Neilochka.

So without further ado, a double handful of wonderful posts and a mess o' instagram photos from March, 2012, presented for your edification and enjoyment...

from Kris of Pretty All True

So, I'm Going To Be Okay  from (The Empress) Alexandra of Good Day Regular People 
"Cash Register" by Neil Kramer
Your Baby is My Baby from Jean / Stimey of Stimeyland

We're afraid to die from Amanda of Last Mom on Earth

"Pacific" by Neil Kramer
The best of school, the worst of school from Alice of Finslippy

 Little soldiers from Heather of The Extraordinary Ordinary

"Pier, Manhattan Beach" Neil Kramer
Not Quite Closure from Dragon Slayer Mama of tenaciouscee

A Uterus Is Not a Machine, My Daughter Is Not a Farm Animal, and I Am Not Happy from Adrienne of No Points For Style

"Bicycles" by Neil Kramer
"Surfer" by Neil Kramer
And, as always this is an idiosyncratic, and very incomplete list. There is always more wonderful out there, but these are the particular ones I have chosen this month. You're welcome.


  1. Love that blog's name, "The Extraordinary Ordinary."


  2. I keep meaning to do my own monthly round up and I keep just forgetting.

    I need an editorial calendar.

    I have found many, many wonderful blogs/posts through you. And I"ve come to trust your judgement. Always, if you like it, I like it.

    And there's not enough hours in a day to look for inspiration alone, right?

    Thank you, V. And good luck with the LTYM rehearsals! I am so excited and proud of you.

  3. Oh, thanks for being an editor!

  4. This is a tremendous list. Thank you for including me.

  5. you are a great editor - with a great eye & ear. i follow neil on twitter but yes, as a photographer - brilliant. I would love some of those photos framed on my wall, thank you very much (are you also an interior designer? could you maybe get me a deal on a frame? just asking) ... as always, curse you, your blog list means I'm going to have add THOSE names to the names I already don't get to with enough frequency. curse you, Varda!! (but love you too)


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