Friday, February 17, 2012

Just a Friday Scatterfield

Well, it's not Sunday, but I'm feeling all stream-of-consciousness-y anyway; it's not Monday, but I am happily, simply being me; it's not Tuesday, but I want to just. write.

So I'm going to go for it. You'll bear with me, right? OK, then, spinning the brain cells and seeing where they land...

What a week it has been. Not the week I planned to have, for sure.

Nobody plans on getting a letter sent home in their kid's school backpack telling them that a teacher's aide in the school has been arrested for abusing a child there last week. (No, NOT my son, thank goodness.)

Nobody plans on being sick as dog and dizzy as a dervish for three straight days running.

Nobody plans on spending most of their one non-ill day at a Social Security office, trying to straighten out their elderly mother's paperwork, only to find out that everything the people on the phone had told them they needed was wrong, and they have to go home and get a whole OTHER set of documents and come back to try again next week.  

But, as we used to tell the kids, sometimes, you just get what you get, so why get upset?

And hanging out in the Social Security office wasn't a total loss. We got to be entertained by a very cheesy video about filing for retirement, starring Patty Duke and George Takei. Don't believe me? Here's a bit of print support material:

Boldly going out to pasture, and looking just so damn happy about it.

And you know? Right now at this very moment (wait, hold your breath, it may not last long) I miraculously feel happier than I have felt in a long time. And for absolutely no justifiable reason.

Maybe it's the lift that comes from finally feeling physically a bit better, near human-like, even, after days of dregs-living, ass-dragging, simian-reductive misery. One of those viruses that get into your middle ear and knock your gyroscope all wobbly, so any motion sets off the dizzies and horizontal is the only way to go.

Maybe it was the lasting glow from attending Ethan's "Colonial Stories" class publishing party this morning. Ethan's essay on colonial entertainments was fun and lovely, and I learned what the Scrabble word "Quoits" means, again. The way too delicious homemade pumpkin bread may have helped, too.

Maybe it was the wind scouring the sky clear of clouds so the golden light of day's end washed over the city, turning cold stone buildings into fiery fairy castles.

They say a strong wind will blow the aura right off your body, so maybe I was scrubbed clean too, maybe it blew the negativity clear off me along with the shredded plastic bags that danced before us as Jake and I walked along Riverside Drive, holding onto our hats.

"The wind! The wind, Mommy!" he exclaimed, still, in his glorious innocence, excited and surprised by nature.

Me? I'm excited and surprised by this serendipitous happiness; hoping to waft on these upward breezes, as long as they blow.

Long may they blow.

I'm linking up to Maxabella's I'm grateful for... because, well, I am feeling grateful.

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