Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: HALLOWEEN!

2011: Jake as Iron Man (again) and Ethan as Link (from legend of Zelda)
Was there ever any doubt what I was going to throw up on the old blog today? Really? So, without further ado, may I present this year's Halloween in pictures:

Ethan was Link from Legend of Zelda (classic Nintendo game)
He is NOT Peter Pan or Robin Hood. Link is an ELF (hence the ears).
Not the best picture, but the only one where you can really see the boots. The Boots!
Link, defending our apartment!
"Not one step further, evil villain!"
Would you finish taking pictures so I can trick or treat already?

While Ethan is all about the candy, Jake loves the lobby party & the decorations best
Jakey REALLY gets excited about Halloween
Iron Man hanging with some friendly ghosts
Jake loves the spooky elevators!
Jake chatting with the neighbors and his favorite ghost
Jake's favorite ghost
Iron man: beneath the mask = one handsome boy

And if you want to see last year's costumes and a round-up of all our family's previous costumes (including two kick-ass obscure Pokemon I created from scratch) check out this post from last year:

Halloween Now & Then

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