Sunday, November 27, 2011

SOC Sunday: Nothing

No intro, this week, this just is what it is....


It's late on Sunday night, and I must admit, I got nothing for you. Four days of Thanksgiving "break" this week have nearly done me in. We had a very full Thursday and Friday and then a nearly empty Saturday & Sunday. Because all of Ethan's friends were away or otherwise busy, he had no playdates and was miserable. Jake spent far too much time on his DS and both kids spent far too much time watching TV. But somehow we survived.

And I would normally just have skipped posting today, but its so close to the end of NaBloPoMo I am not going to stumble and fall mere yards from the finish line. So yeah, I'm picking up that "marathon" metaphor I nearly beat to death in a post comparing special needs parenting to running a marathon at the beginning of this month, and running further with it tonight.

I was hoping I would feel more up, less beaten down by now. Ha! And this is making me realize I need to figure something out before the Winter / New Year's break is upon us, because 10 days cooped up in the apartment with the boys cranky and fighting and glued to loud screens will drive me over the edge.

I might have to take up running - the kind like in the old joke: "Doctor you told me to run 5 miles a day? Yes... well, It's been a week and I'm now 35 miles from home, what do I do?" Because right now 35 miles from home and on my own sounds like heaven.

Of course perspective will return when I've gotten the kids sent off to school and I can go home and get things for me done again... but Oh, Crap, I just remembered I have to take my mother to a doctor's appointment at 11AM tomorrow.

So much for me time.

and so it goes.....


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