Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Boys & Baseball

OK, for those of you who read my LONG (but hopefully amusing) rant yesterday, I figure you deserve a day off, so I'm going to be ALMOST truly wordless today.

Enjoy these pictures from the Mets game we took the boys to a couple of weeks ago.

Yes, they were deep into their losing streak and lay down like dogs before the Cubs (The Cubs! yeah, it was that bad) but the boys didn't seem to care and we all had a lovely time.

First time at the new stadium
Were our seats in Heaven? Yes. But at $3 a pop, who can complain?
Could the fielding have been any worse? Not likely.
I'm not sure there's enough branding and advertising in the stadium....
Jake LOVES him his baseball!

For all my Jewish friends and readers: L'Shana Tovah, enjoy the holiday!

For the non-Jewish or non-observant folks who live in New York City, and other highly Jewish areas: enjoy your relaxing FOUR day weekend!

For those of you scratching your heads: Rosh Hashanah, The Jewish New Year, the start of the High Holy Days begins tonight at sundown. And NYC schools are closed Thursday & Friday for the 2-day holiday.

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