Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hopeful about my fledgling

I know it's Saturday, but there is no Special Needs Sibling Saturdays today. That's because it's the 10th of the month, so I'm over at

today, talking about my autistic son Jacob's experience at sleep-away camp. Actually, since he really hasn't told me anything about it, I'm talking more about MY process and experience in sending him there.

So come read me over at Hopeful Parents today as I contemplate my little Fledgling.

And if you're disappointed about not finding

today, maybe you missed some of the last few posts that came out in late summer when everyone was distracted, immersed in end of vacation and back to school madness.

Did you read all of these?:

When a Brother's Love Hurts

 by Gina of Special Happens

It’s Just Not Fair

 by Shell of Things I Can't Say

How Will They Know?

 by Caryn Haluska of Living with Logan

They are wonderful and should have more eyeballs. And you'll find SNSS back here again next Saturday with fresh tales of special needs siblings.

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