Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: 89 Years Young

My mother turned 89 last week. And we took her with us to visit a friend and her son, whose parents had a wonderful apartment right on the beach at Coney Island. It has been way too long since my nature-loving mother has seen the ocean. So we rectified that.

(OK, so I didn't get any pictures of the ocean, but there was a great view of it, out the window that's just off to the left. They had a balcony with glorious views, too.)

Also my friend's parents are of a similar age and background (albeit a bit younger) and her mother and mine got along like a house on fire, telling each other jokes with yiddish punchlines.

After lunch, we left the mothers behind to schmooze while the young folks hit up the rides.

Coney Island's famous Luna Park
Jakey loved their smiling man logo
all aboard The Tickler
Water coaster? Why not?
He's all smiles here, but this thing?
Nearly made Ethan toss his cookies.
Wheeee... urp.
Leaving Brooklyn for Manhattan at just the right early evening hour, my mother had many glorious views of the New York City sunset skyline, and her beloved Chrysler building as we drove home.  (Sorry, no pictures of that, folks, I was DRIVING, remember?)

Dinner was, of course, topped off with a piece of birthday cake, chocolate, of course. (Is there really any other kind?)

Happy Birthday, Mom. It was wonderful to see you smiling and enjoying yourself so much on your birthday. I know you must have been missing Dad, hopefully a little less acutely than last year.

Me & Mom, 89 years young
I hope I am lucky enough to age as beautifully and gracefully as you have.

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