Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Counting up to 9

Well, seeing how Jacob and Ethan's 9th birthday is on Friday, I thought I would use this week's Wordless Wednesday to share some pictures of the boys growing up, getting ready to make their mark of NINE full years upon this planet. 

First Ethan (for he *IS* one minute older, after all):

Ethan newborn (1week)
Ethan at 1
Ethan at 2
Ethan at 3
Ethan at 4
Ethan at 5
Ethan at 6
 Ethan at 7
Ethan at 8
Ethan nearly 9
And then came Jacob (one minute later):

Jake newborn (2 days)
Jake at 1
Jake at 2
Jake at 3
Jake at 4
Jake at 5
Jake at 6
Jake at 7
Jake at 8
Jake nearly 9
Happy Nearly Birthday, Boys!

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