Sunday, July 17, 2011

SOC Sunday: Happy Beachy Feeling

No preface tonight, just jumping into it...


Home late after a wonderful day at the beach. Kids are gonna be tired at camp & summer school tomorrow. But? Not my problem (yay!) Though I better send an e-mail to warn Jake's teachers, because tired and Autism usually = behavior that can look like regression.

But, back to the matter at hand - the beach, the beach, we finally made it to the beach!!!! Just me and the boys and a friend and her son. a moms & kids day.

I am too tired to be eloquent tonight, to write the post that is starting to swirl through my head, will coalesce into something lyrical at some future date.

I have just enough energy to babble on about the wonders of a lovely day at the beach with my progeny who were not 100% annoying, and in fact part of more then a few magic moments.

We went to the beach today, and not just any beach - FIRE ISLAND. we were day trippers. (we will be forgiven). There were trains and taxis and ferries, and then...

We went into the ocean... oh yes! The waves were big but not too rough and so we faced them & got out with our dignities intact (no total trashes)

Lots of "swimming" and then sand time.

Any doubt Jake is a sensory seeker? Quashed when I found him basically swimming in the sand, pouring it on ihs own head for good measure (can you say needed 3x shampoo, yes.) This while Ethan & a friend helped some other kids defend their sea fort from the encroaching tide. (note to Ethan - nature always wins, sorry kid!)

Fun was had. fun, fun, fun.

And watching the kids walk back to town to change with bathing suits full of sand, like three little Groucho Marxes? Funny. Priceless.

There was ice cream. and potato chips. Also hummus (see, not all junk).

Of course the ferry ride back was packed. 7 pm on a perfect summer day, everyone was at the beach and weekenders were headed home, too. so we couldn't ride up top and Jake was disappointed, but lo, who should sit next to us but a good looking young couple with a... (wait for it) BABY!

Given Jake's current baby obsession was a total win. He was even happy to just watch her sleep after the rocking motion of the waves sent her down for the count.

And then a jam packed train and Penn station on a sunday night full of the happy sunburnt many and then HOME.


And now the children have been de-sanded and are sleeping soundly in their beds. And so, soon, shall I, too.

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