Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wordless-ish Wednesday Rocks!

I love the "-ish" formulation.

Implying sort of, almost, kinda, in the neighborhood of, the ballpark of but not exactly; no commitments here.

And me? I am never truly wordless am I?

No, not wordy, wordy me.

So, here's some photos from the boys lovely Sunday in the park with Mom, and also some words (because I just can't help myself):

Sunday? Was a perfect beach day. But we didn't go to the beach (my lingering summer cold knocking me out just too much for that).

So we went to the park. And in New York City, when you say "the park," you usually mean Central Park, the mother of all NYC parks.

We did. And here's the pictures to prove it...

First stop: Victorian Gardens Amusement Park

Some days? I am very grateful that Jacob is a member of the sensory-seeking autism tribe, so we can do things like this. He LOVES rides and motion; and the loud commotion in the park? Doesn't phase him a bit. Crank up the music, yo, it's all good!

Ethan was there with friends, so I didn't see much of him. The beauty of it being a very small, contained amusement park (in the footprint of the Wollman ice skating rink) and of Ethan's being almost 9 is that I can now just buy him a ride-all-day wristband and send him off with his friends, keeping half an eye out for them as I follow Jacob around from ride to ride.

Ethan has the extra cell phone on him if he needs me, and we meet back at our "home base" (a centrally located bench the moms take turns sitting on, and my huge bag is stationed at) at regularly scheduled times. And when the kids come begging for money for junk food.


And then, when we were done with that and walking home through the park:  ROCKS!

One thing my boys agree on (and they don't agree on much) is that rocks rule. They LOVE to climb up, down, all over and around big rocks. Love to find, move, stack and play with the smaller rocks.


Rocks, rocks, rocks.

A ton of exposed Manhattan Schist = great rocks for climbing. Something Central Park has in abundance.

Climb on, boys!  

Yes, they came home dirty, sweaty, hungry, and happy.

And slept very, very well that night.


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