Sunday, July 10, 2011

I'm in Bits and Pieces at Hopeful Parents

I am not generally a stupid person. I know the 10th of the month comes up again, every month, right at this time. Completely predictable, as, well, a calendar...

So why, these last few months have I been surprised when it has rolled around, had to jump through last minute hoops to get my post up over at Hopeful Parents?

My life is just feeling overwhelming these days. It's not any one big thing but lots of little things.

That's why I'm over at Hopeful Parents today in Bits and Pieces.

Not a big "important" post about autism this time, but rather a bit of the flotsam and jetsam floating in my mind about our lives. Hopefully, you will find it entertaining.

One of these days I will set down another "big thoughts" post about autism.

But until then? I'm just trying to get through summer with my boys, one day at a time. I was hoping to get to the beach today, as we haven't gone yet and Jake loves the water so much.

But I was still feeling out of sorts with the tail end of a really nasty summer cold still lingering. We didn't make it, ended up with a city adventure instead (Central Park and the Victorian Gardens Amusement Park therein).

I will try hard to NOT feel guilty about depriving my boys of beachy pleasures. Next week, maybe, hopefully.

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