Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pictureful Wednesday: Boys and Swords

It's that time of year again, Halloween is almost here and costume drama is in the air. This year? Ethan MUST be Link, the legendary warrior from Legend of Zelda.

What the hell is that you ask? You must be old. Like me ;-) (He's a classic Nintendo game character.)

To get in the mood - and shop for weaponry and other medieval claptrap - we attended the Cloister's annual Medieval Festival. 

A castle? Awesome backdrop for swordplay with brothers and found friends. (And yes, in conversation with this family it came out that one of their boys in on the spectrum, too. We are everywhere.)


I have been assembling bits of this and that, here and there, for Ethan's Link costume since mid-September. And the almost-done costume got a preview run at NY ComiCon earlier this month, where Cosplay costumers are encouraged.

What the hell is Cosplay you ask?  You must be old. Like me. ;-) (It's fan based Costume Play - very big in Japanese Manga/Anime circles.)
Link arrives at ComiCon
Hanging out with Dad at his booth? Highlight of the show.
Jake? Wanted to spend the whole day talking with R2D2.
The WHOLE day.
Although the AMNH mini-planetarium show was pretty awesome, too.
And if there is a screen, Jake will watch.
No, there was not a single shot in which the boys were not making weird faces. At least I look human.
Ethan's costume was a big hit at the con, and yes, there were actually some folks who wanted to have their picture taken with "Link." And yes, some of them were GIRLS who pretended to swoon in his presence. Ethan had no idea what to do about that. Yet. (Whew!)

Ethan taking this "warrior" thing a tad seriously
When it was all over, walking back toward the center of the city from the western fringes of the Javits Center? We were a roving band of odd characters.  It was lots of fun watching the double takes from ordinary folks who had no idea ComiCon had been in town.

And below, you will find the referent Link character pic from the video game. Not bad so far, if I may say so myself. Yes, I have a shield to build this week.

Jake, on the other hand is content to be Iron Man again! (Yay!)

Except his last year's costume got completely trashed from playing in it all year, so I have to buy ANOTHER one. (Boo!)

And so it goes....

(And as to why I called this "Pictureful" instead of "Wordless" Wednesday? I'm guessing you've figured that out by now.)

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