Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Looking Down the Road at Hopeful Parents

I'm not here today, I'm over at:

where I'm talking about what I see when I look into my autistic son Jacob's future.

So come read me over at Hopeful Parents today as I contemplate Looking Down the Road

And it starts as a personal meditation and ends with a call to arms.

Because, people?

There are probably a dozen places scattered around the country right now that would be appropriate for Jake to live in as an adult, if he needs the kind of support I think he's going to need to lead a rich and rewarding, semi-independent life.

And there's going to be hundreds of THOUSANDS of autistic adults like him, that need those spots too.

Think about it.

And then do something about it, please. Take action!

Because it's about 10 years from plan to completion in these things; and we're about 10 years too late, already.

Also? I know today is the 11th and my usual posting day is the 10th. But I spent yesterday, the 10th, in the ER with my mother, once again. She had fallen and, it turns out, fractured a rib. 

And, as is usual in a busy city ER, we spent hours waiting for this test, then that one, the decision to admit, and finally a room... which she got into at 4 AM.

Yes, the fun never stops. Now I'mma gonna get an hour of shut-eye, then head back to the hospital.

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