Sunday, June 26, 2011

SOC Sunday: Wedding Bells

Sliding in here on the very edge of Sunday's tailfeathers. But wanted to post quick before I go collapse in my bed, then wake up early to prepare for the upcoming week's many challenges. So here goes....

I was at a wedding today. a lovely, lovely wedding. I don't know the Bride and groom well, had met them at their engagement party last year. But the mother of the groom is a dear, dear friend of mine, so Danny & I made the 2 hour-each-way trek up the Hudson to Poughkeepsie. Yes I know some of you make that kind of trip daily as your commute. (thinking you must be insane)

We are New york city folk without a country home. to us a long drive is anything over 1/2 hour. Longer than that? Take the damn subway dude.

But anyway, usually that length trip better involve a sleepover for me, but today? totally worth it, to share my friend's joy.

As soon as I got home, I popped this in as my FB status:

Was at the loveliest wedding today. A friend's son. He has overcome many challenges to become the amazing young man he is today, and I am so happy that he has found love and an amazing partner in life. She has also faced challenges, and they understand and support each other completely. Also? Damn good looking couple. Danced my feet off, had a great time. Wishing them many happy years!

And I mean every word. This morning Dan & I were so not in the mood to go to a wedding. We're both stressed, too much to do, too little time.  We left a little late (but arrived EXACTLY on time, thank goodness I;d padded the drive time expectation!) and were stressy and snippy about that, tumbling into the car in dual nasty moods.

The drive up was not lovely... talking / worrying about money and autism and other fun fun subjects like that. But once we arrived? the beauty of the place (catering hall right on the Hudson river w/ sweeping views) and the sheer, clear & palpable happiness of the young couple and their wonderful supportive families just shifted our mood completely.

We didn't know many people there at all, (pretty much only the grooms parents) so I decided to treat it a bit like a date, talk with each other, hold hands, dance a lot together. and we did. and it was lovely. And we met some nice people too.

This morning I was thinking how I was going to write another whiny bitchin' & moanin' SOCS post today as I was feeling all bummed out about autism. tonight I;m feeling all warm and fuzzy (and no. I only had one glass of champagne for the toast, its not that) so moved was I by the force of these loving families we were celebrating with.

the groom is the middle of 3 brothers who love each other fiercely. It was awesome to be witnessing this. He loves puppets and animation, would love to be a puppeteer, is actively working towards that goal. and so his chosen song for his dance with his mother? The Muppet's "Rainbow Connection."

And they sang along, to each other, as they danced.  And I was really glad I was wearing waterproof mascara, because you bet I teared up at this.

It was all about who he truly was. In a family that "gets" him, marrying a woman who "gets" him. their honeymoon? They're going to Disney. Because they are playful, joyful people, and that's their idea of fun.

I was so happy to be a part of this... and now I'm going to sleep because I'm wiped out. My feet are killing me. I danced my ass off. G'night!

Nothing to add really. Unless someone wants to come over and massage my aching feet... Husband, are you still awake?...

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