Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Yesterday was Jake's last day of school.

A half-day.

After a week of "half" days.



Because they feel more like a quarter to me.

Like the school bus picks him up, takes him to school, circles 'round the block a couple-a-three times, then picks him back up from school and deposits him into my hands.

And if I'm lucky?

I've had a chance to shower.

Or have just arrived back barely-on-time, breathless from some end-of-the-year-drama-class-play-last-publishing-party at Ethan's school.

Ethan and the other Tasmanian Devil
Or have been at Jake's Award Ceremony / Moving-Up celebratory lunch at his school.

Jake is a "Math Wizard"
Or have gotten my mother to the doctor and back in time to meet Jake's bus.

Or have gotten the teacher and therapist cards & gifts purchased and/or re-purchased.

(Um, I *might* have shot myself in the foot by picking up the B&N gift cards early in the spring, thinking I was being all efficient and not last-minutey. But I had forgotten the early-purchase-misplacement factor. And then I could not find them to save my life and had to buy new ones. Or maybe I didn't.)

(Honey, if you are reading this? We can use them in December, for teacher holiday gitfs. I should find them by then. Promise.)

(Yeah, the ADD is just so much fun sometimes.)

And now? Starts Jake's week off.

Vacation. (For Him.)

No school.

No camp.

Camp Mom.

All Mom, all the time.

So if the blogging is a little light in these weeks?

It's not you, it's me.


Me and Jake, on break together.

(Ethan's last day of school is Friday. He starts camp Monday. Seamless.)

I love my Jacob to pieces, but when that school bus comes round to pick him up late next week?

I'm going to kiss the driver, I swear.

(Just kidding, Honey, just kidding!)

Jake is doing great, really great. Everyone says so.

But? He also still talking ALL. THE. TIME.

So we're going to keep busy, go on lots of "field trips" like the one to the Liberty Science Center last weekend.

Who knew plumbing could be this much fun?
You know what we'll be doing this Friday morning, don't you? (Hint: Jake has been announcing "Cars 2 coming to theaters on June 24th!" since, oh, last September.)

And after I put Jake on his bus?

The silence will be deafening.

I will revel in it.

At least until Ethan wakes up, requesting morning kisses and hugs, checking last night's final WNBA basketball scores (NY Liberty plays all summer), bringing his own special flavor of noise to the table.

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