Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: 2005 Edition

Still looking backwards over here. So I set the wayback machine for 2005. How cute are these nearly 3 year olds?

Jake and cousin Michael, Passover, 2005
Ethan sporting a classic yogurt 'stache, 2005
OK, what happened was: I just recently stumbled upon a cache of photo CDs from spring and summer of 2005 while atempting to wrestle some order from the chaos that is my home, and so I uploaded them into iPhoto.

Wow, there are some gems here from the boys' earlyish days...
Ethan will pay me much $$$ someday to NOT show this to his girlfriend
First time alone on a ride. I was terrified, but not them!
Day out with Thomas!
Boys at Shelburne Farms, Vermont with cousin Ilana, 2005
Jake passed out from our big day at the farm
Vermont, 2005
Lake Champlain in

Fresh haircuts!
You know why this one breaks my heart
Jake with Dana, his 1st ABA therapist
Ethan posing for Gap ad?
Also in 2005? My parents made the move back to New York from Florida. We saw a lot more of them. Something I really appreciate, now that Dad is gone.

Also? My work load increased exponentially as I now had four people in my care, not just two. Oh, well. I am glad to have been able to do that, to be there for them. 

Dad & Jake, 2005
Mom & Jake, 2005
One day, when he was four, Ethan watched me getting ready to leave, to take my father to yet another doctor's appointment and observed: "When you and Daddy get old I'm going to take care of you, just like you take care of Grandma and Grandpa." I certainly hope so, kid.

Me being literally squashed by boys & parents, 2005
The boys are so big now, it's fun to look back at when they were little.  And also to see my parents, beginning to fade, but still so vital.  Amazing the difference six years can make.

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