Sunday, March 6, 2011

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: March-ing with Jacob

I am REALLY tired of thinking and writing about last March and my Dad, about being sad, about death. So I am going to think and write about my son Jacob and what's been going on with him lately. Here goes...

Jacob has just figured out that the word "March" has two meanings, as both the name of the month and the verb. It's amazing to watch an autistic kid "get" a funny concept about a word, as abstractions come to him with much difficulty.

Now whenever you ask him what month it is, he says "March" and stomps his feet like he's marching, then laughs. My heart swells and hope springs anew.

He's also making great strides in his imaginary play, being mad into creating scenarios with his "guys," his little playmobil dudes and action figures of various stripes... a wild mix superheroes, bad guys and strange creatures. we have tons of them, acquired at various points as I bought mixed lots of used action figures on E-bay or picked up boxes full of odd toys at school fair tag sales, also we had tons of hand-me-down toys bequeathed to us from friends with older kids.

We have nearly every incarnation of Power Ranger from inception to present, heroes and villains Marvel and DC, Movie and TV characters aplenty and quite a few mystery characters, unknown and sometimes unknowable.

My husband works in the comic book business and knows pretty much everything there is to know about superheroes.  When I am not sure who a character is, the answer is always "go ask Daddy." The other day Jake held someone up to me & asked "Who is this?"

Husband squinted at it for a bit and then pronounced "Chuck Norris," and sure enough, it was (the "CN" on his belt a big clue). As he came in the same box as Arnold Schwarzenegger, it shouldn't have been surprising. Jake is very fond of Chuck right now, he is a current favorite, along with the Power Ranger villain Dai Shi, but whom Jacob had decided is named "Steve."

Chuck fits (sort-of) in Batman's car and is often seen driving it about the apartment shouting "Hold on, I'm coming to rescue you!"  When it's time to pack up the big gray bag to leave the house I will ask Jake "are we bringing Chuck Norris with us today?" just because it tickles me to ask that.

It could be worse... he could be head over heels over the smurfs.


Also, I just can't help myself, wanted to add this picture:

Some of "The Guys" (Chuck is 2nd from Right)
Because "the rules" say I can add an intro, I figured an addendum was kosher, too. (What, me miss an opportunity for more words and pictures? Not likely in this lifetime.)

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