Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Trying hard to be Hopeful again today

Well, the 10th snuck up on me this month, for the first time since I have become a regular Hopeful Parents blogger.

Knowing that my ADD makes deadlines hell, makes it hard for me to complete things, wreaks havoc with my sense of priorities and judgment (cough *executivefunctioningdysfunction* cough) I have deliberately, carefully, written my posts days, if not weeks ahead of time.  So important is this posting commitment to me, that I do not want to let them, you, me down. 

But this month?  The last week has made mincemeat out of me, culminating in my becoming swamped again by the care of an elderly dying relative. This time it’s my long lost Aunt Marilyn, my mom’s baby sister, in the hospital and in bad, bad shape.

So the 10th pounced on me today, and caught me with my usual long, over-thought, over-processed, deeply mulled post barely half written.  It was brilliant. 

But you’ll have to take my word on that, because you’re not going to find it there today.  Completing it under the shadow of a ticking clock was clearly not in the cards for me today, so I have chucked it aside (for now).

Having cast about for something, anything, to anchor my blog post to today, I have closed my eyes, poked my finger out, landed here, talking about the Special Needs Blog Hop, another manifestation of our wonderful special needs parenting community...

Come on over to Hopeful Parents now to read my post: Our Little Secret

I hope that you enjoy, and then meet me back here tomorrow to hop on the Special Needs Blog Hop with me.



  1. I hope you get through this difficult time soon. My thoughts are with you xxx

  2. your post was totally worth the wait. excellent (I commented over at HP too!)


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