Monday, November 1, 2010

Autism: Shout it Loud

Jacob the Not-Ever-Quiet kid
OK, I am totally on board with the NOT silent Autism Day that has been organized by those of us who can not or do not want to shut up for the Autism communications shutdown today.  Me, I'm a talker, what can I say.  If you know me, you knew which camp I was going to fall into, now, didn't you?

The problem is I am just stupid silly exhausted from the Halloween weekend-a-thon and, well, life and parenting in general.  And I'm looking ahead to a filled-to-the-brim-get-tired-just-looking-at-my-datebook kind of week for this one that has just started today.

Which is a long way of saying I have had neither the time nor inclination to write a lovely spanking new post for the Autism shout-out today.  I could just blather on here with whatever random thoughts are rattling around in my head, but I will spare you.

Really, you should thank me for this, because today's thoughts? Along the lines of: "Hmmm what food group does candycorn belong in?  Since it's called 'corn' can I count it as a vegetable?"

So what I'm going to do here is put in some linky links.

First I will point you to a few of my old posts that are all about the Autism (as opposed to the ones about old people dying or ADD or the bitter-sweetness of late summer or random brain fluff).   Kind of like when TV shows run a "clip reel" episode.  You know, the ones full of "flashbacks" that are really just the good parts of old shows strung together on some flimsy premise that justifies the trip down memory lane, like: "Penny just hit her head on a rock and has amnesia so we have to help her remember who she is by reminding her about all the fun we've had together these past three years."

And then I'm going to link you up with some other Loud Autism Bloggers. Because you should be reading these awesome folks.

So here's some of my "good bits" about Autism:

My "Big thoughts" Post:  From Autist to Artist
A cranky (somewhat funny) rant:  On Having Had a Craptastic Day
Appreciating my funny, adorable son: Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Poopyhead
The evolution of Jacob's smile: Hold the Cheese
Teaching Jake to buckle his seat-belt, Part 1: Cruel to be Kind
Teaching Jake to buckle his seat-belt, Part 2: No Sweat

And now for those other wonderful Loud Autism Bloggers, like our ringleader, Sunday, she of the screaming banshee avatar.

Go to her blog here: Adventures in Extreme Parenting and click away on the linky links.  Go, explore.

Also you'll find quite a few of these folks in my right sidebar under "Some Blogs I Like to Read."  May I recommend these awesome Autism bloggers?:
The King and Eye
MOM - Not Otherwise Specified
Mommy To Two Boys
stark. raving. mad. mommy.

So, say it loud: I Love Someone with Autism and I'm Proud!


  1. this is great (and you did it so fast!!) I am enjoying this flashback since I am a fairly new follower. thank you.
    I Love Someone with Autism and I'm Proud (and LOUD!)
    (and thanks for the mention :-)

  2. I, like you, am exhausted after the halloween break so I recycled/edited and old post and updated it to fit for the day. I think the point is that we take part and talk about autism and you have done that, beautifully as always:) Jen


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