Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Second Thanksgiving

Mom, thrilled to be at her brother's house

Family schedules being what they were, we ended up having two Thanksgivings this year; one on Thursday at my in-laws' apartment in the city, and then a second feast on Friday, at my Uncle Walter & Aunt Eva's house on Long Island.

Mom and her brother, my Uncle Walter

Both of my cousins came in with their families and cooked up a storm. We sprang Mom from the nursing home and brought her over to Walt & Eva's house for the first time since her game-changing fall last May.

We cooked, ate, played, took a long walk in the woods, shot hoops and tossed frisbees at the local elementary school, and talked, and talked, and talked.


Mom sat with Eva (now completely bed-bound) for a long, long time, eating and talking and then finally dozing off together for a bit.


A lovely day.

Here are a few more pictures, and hopefully I will be back with more words soon.


  1. How wonderful for everyone to celebrate together!!

  2. It usually makes me sad when the leaves are all off the trees. But looking at your pictures and the smiling faces of your family -- it looks wonderful.

  3. Looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing your photos. I can't imagine eating Thanksgiving dinner two days in a row.


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