Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Of Grandsons and Soccer Boys

My nephew Simon, Mom and me on Monday

I've got a mostly picture post for you here today (can't say "wordless" because when am I truly ever?) as we ramp up for Thanksgiving. No I'm not making a turkey, just some side dishes, but still, Jake has a mere half-day of school today, and we're in for yet another long weekend, so anything I need to get done for ME in the next four days has to be wrapped up today by noon.

So, the hot points of the week in image: Last weekend was the end of soccer, Ethan on Saturday and Jake on Sunday (And I am so grateful that we have wonderful Special Needs divisions of Soccer, Basketball and Baseball here in the city, so Jake can play whatever his brother does, too)...

Ethan played goalie for a quarter
Ethan, proud of his soccer trophy
Jake loves being a part of the game
Jake, proud of his soccer trophy
His favorite part? The spinning ball at the top.

And then, on Monday, my nephew Simon was in town with his girlfriend, Rachel. (Not to be confused with his sister Rachel. If this thing lasts - and I hope it does as she's smart and lovely - it's going to get complicated. Someone will need a nickname.) They live in LA and were doing the East Coast family tour for the holidays.

I drove them out to Long Island to see Mom (his grandmother). She was delighted to see Simon and meet Rachel. We sprung Mom from the home, took her out for lunch at a Japanese restaurant in town - something I like to do whenever I have a chance.

Afterwards, I drove her around town and we parked at the harbor dock so she could see the water and the boats. I love giving her new vistas, something my nature-loving mother gets so little of now that she is effectively immobilized.

Mom, tucking in to her bento box. She was always good with chopsticks.
Mom and her Grandson, Simon
Mom, happy to be with family

I was so happy to see Mom so happy. Can't wait 'til Friday when I bring her to her brother Walter's house for our day-late Thanksgiving Day celebration with all my cousins.

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  1. My son played goalie and it always gave me a stomach ache. Especially in the upper grades. Nothing like seeing the other team drive the ball down the field. Nothing between them and a point but your son.


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