Saturday, October 13, 2012

This Week, Cliff Notes version

The perfect visual metaphor for my week, courtesy of NY Comic-Con
There is so much going on, and I truly have no time to post, no mojo for writing but I didn't want to leave you all hanging. Thus follows the briefest of updates: a skim of the surface, a telling detail here or there and then, I'm off...

First and MOST IMPORTANTLY: Mom is home!  They wisely figured out that keeping her in a depressing place was not going to help lift her mood, and so sent her back to her nursing home Friday around mid-day, and I was able to arrive near simultaneously to settle her back in.

Of course with her short-circuited short-term memory, this may not have been strictly necessary, as within fifteen minutes of her return she was replying to warm greetings of the "Good to see you're back!" variety with: "What? Back from where? Was I somewhere else?" Groundhog Day all over again, as ever.

But still, I know part of the constellation of keeping her from spiraling into the pits of depression is frequent visits from me (and other family and friends). She may not consciously remember my having been there, but some part of her psyche knows, and it lifts her.

Unfortunately, if was yet another gray, chill day, so I couldn't wheel her outside into the sunshine she so craves. So it goes.

Those two visits to the mental hospital, further out on the Island, took about a year off my life. I hope never to see the inside of a locked psych ward again. (And this was a rather "nice" place.)

Gray Day, from LIRR train window
New York Comic-Con has begun, and thus with a husband "in the biz" I am a single parent for four days, Thursday through Sunday.  These days I usually only show up on "Kids Day" Sunday with the boys in tow, but Dan needed me to escort some nonagenarian participants to his panel this Thursday.

So I got to have a little preview of the show and stopped by the Aliens video game booth to get my picture taken (see top of post).

What else happened this week? (all a blur)

Oh yeah, last Sunday, the day I got the call about my mother's butter knife incident, we went to... The Harlem Globetrotters Game!!!!!!! It was awesome and fun and also annoying as hell because the Barclays Center has just opened and really, really didn't have their shit together yet.

Also my husband is more of a baseball than basketball guy - he is really, really not a noise and crowds person and baseball stadiums are OUTDOORS so the noise dissipates verses indoor arenas that amplify.

Which translates into it's going to be just me and the boys going to the Globetrotters when they return in February. (I think the quote from him was "Once in a lifetime is enough.")

OK, that's all. Getting ready to brave Comic-Con tomorrow with the boys. I believe Ethan wants to be Link again. Wish us luck!


  1. These help us so much in the no-sunlight months. Maybe they'd help your Mom, too: .

    May you have a good sleep this weekend!

  2. Whew! It does sound like quite a week for you, and I think I'm with your husband as far as the Harlem Globetrotters go. I've been there, done that, and I'm feeling satisfied for having done so! Great photos, though, and here's to a more peaceful and relaxing week --


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