Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hopeful, Kindred Parents

Families with autism (and other "invisible" special needs) are all around us, everywhere, everyday. I never used to notice them, specifically, pointedly, until we became them. And now I can't not see, not try to connect whenever possible. 

When my kids were little still, my eyes would always be drawn to the boy apart, walking the perimeter of the playground, hand bumping along each link of the chain link fence, on his toes, eyes cast down; to the girl tearing her dress off, rolling in and eating sand, screeching one octave higher and louder than any other kid in the playground but seeming deaf to her mothers words.... (continued)

Well, YESTERDAY was the 10th of the month again (and considering how much is going down right now in our lives, it's surprising that I'm only a single day late) so click on over to Hopeful Parents to read the rest of my post:

Kindred Spirits


And come back here tomorrow for an update on my mother or some pictures of my cute kids or more talk about autism or... look a squirrel... oooh, something shiny... what was I saying? Oh, yea, maybe some chatter about my ADD... or whatever.

And thanks for all the support. It is heard, felt, and very, very much appreciated, even if I am not up to the task of replying personally to each and every comment.


  1. we should help our parents because they are assets of life while they to much care us, Thanks for sharing great post.


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