Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Ethan has fun

Ethan in Mets stadium, on the field

This past weekend Ethan was back from camp, but Jacob was not home yet, so he had a little taste of only-childhood. He got a haircut, new shoes for school (his feet grown a size and a half over the summer!) and went to a Mets game with just us, his parents. Wanna see?

The "Back-to-School" Haircut:

Ethan's Haircut: before (looking Dylanesque again)
Ethan's Haircut: after (and yes, that's gel in there, he's STYLIN' now)
New Shoes:

new shoes - with laces
Mets Ball Game (they won!):

Up in the cheap seats, but still having fun

It just so happened that on Sunday there was a special "kids run the bases" event after the game, so Ethan got to break in his new sneakers in the red clay dirt of the Mets ball field. Awesome!

And then Jake came home and the fighting began again. Oh well, brothers, ya know.


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