Friday, August 10, 2012

Happy Hopeful Birthday

It's August 10th, which means it's my birthday again (seems to happen every year, go figure) and so I'm over at Hopeful Parents again, with my monthly post:

Of Birthdays and Balloons

So go read me there. Please? (It IS my birthday, after all.)

(52, if you want to know.)


And if you're coming over for a visit for the first time from Hopeful Parents?

I'm sorry. It appears that you're going to have to dig back a bit to find posts on special needs parenting. I've been so caught up in all the care-taking with my elderly mother, and then there was that whole highly distracting BlogHer conference thing. And recent birthdays and whatnot.

Try clicking this link for my Posts about Autism.

Or here for Posts about Jacob.

And if you're interested in issues of siblings and special needs, may I recommend my Special Needs Sibling Saturdays guest post series, which has been on hiatus since last December but which will be starting up again in the fall.

Of course you can just noodle around my blog willy-nilly, any way you want, too. Make yourself at home and thanks for visiting.

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