Monday, June 18, 2012

Twelve is a very good number

Twelve years ago today it was a Sunday.

Fathers Day Sunday, in fact.

June 18th, 2000

And something really important happened to me.

Happy Anniversary, honey.

In twelve years we've had our ups and downs, as life has certainly tossed some... interesting challenges our way.

We've ridden the waves together through:

A wonderful honeymoon (if you overlook the car accident)


Successful IVF

Full-term twin pregnancy

A "minor" apartment renovation

Having twins

Twin (barely sleeping) newborns

Twin babies

Twin toddlers

Twin pre-schoolers

Twin... (you get the idea)



Kitchen disasters

Birthday dinners



Ongoing experiments in pediatric psychopharmacology


Losing parents (2 in 1 year)

Nieces and Nephews weddings

Countless family Bar and Bat Mitvahs

Too many family funerals



Minor surgeries

Family vacations

Nine kid birthday parties (number 10 coming up soon)

Both of us turning 50 (you first!)

Way too infrequent date nights

Many thousand hugs and kisses.

And so here are two more, a big bloggy hug and kiss to the man who always makes me laugh, my husband Danny.

Happy Anniversary, darling.

And while I can't promise an un-bumpy ride ahead, I can say the bumps are more fun when you land in a friend and parner's lap amidst all the jostling.

So while twelve is a good number?

Let's see how high we can count.


  1. awe, so sweet! happy happy anniversary to you!

  2. Wishing you many more years of love and happiness.

  3. Happy anniversary to both of you!


  4. I love those pictures - and those flowers you're carrying seem eerily reminiscent of the beautiful flowers you took a picture of in your post later this week. happy anniversary!


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