Thursday, December 1, 2011


Hey, it's DECEMBER first today...

NaBloPoMo is over, FINALLY over, and so I don't have to post today! I can skip it, skip a day, yes! Skippity, skip, skip.

Watch me skipping. Nothing up on the old blog today, nope not me.

But wait...

if I hit publish on this...

then I AM posting.

THIS will go up on my blog...

and it's a post...

so I'm not skipping a day.

But I feel like celebrating having made it through the whole month of November, the posting every day whether I "felt it" or not, the discipline of the daily writing.

And while that felt great? It's also a relief that it's over.

And I want to commemorate my accomplishment by skipping a day.

But I also want to TELL you I'm doing it.

And so by telling you that I'm skipping, here on my blog, I'm writing a post... and therefore NOT skipping.

So I'll just not post anything.

But I WANT to tell you that I'm skipping.
But if I DO tell you, then I'm not skipping.


My head is going to explode.

Wait, this is sounding familiar... very familiar...

Yes, I believe that's it.

A classic logic paradox.

You're welcome and goodnight.

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