Saturday, December 29, 2012

December Round-Up: What I Loved on OTHER People's Blogs

Nightfall, New Zealand by Neil Kramer

Welcome to the December edition of my monthly "What I Loved on OTHER People's  Blogs" feature. The place where I share what has caught my eye (and brain, and heart) on the internet over the past month.

Also, as usual, I am featuring many photos from my friend and amazing intstagram photographer Neil Kramer - of the blog  Citizen of the Month - who took a December trip to New Zealand (of all places) and is sending back beautiful photos of the place, as well as his stop in Australia along the way.

Opera House, Sydney, Australia by Neil Kramer

So, without further ado... December's gems:

Newtown: On Guilt, Grief, and Gratitude by Jo of A Sweet Dose of Truth

Peace, Love and Understanding by Alysia of Try Defying Gravity

My Hope for Newtown by Deborah of MaNNaHaTTaMaMMa

Little Girl Running Towards the Water, Sydney, Australia by Neil Kramer

How We Do It, Part XX in a series by Elizabeth of a moon, worn as if it had been a shell

I'm jealous of you. by Lexi of Mostly True Stuff

The Gifts We Receive by Jim of Just a Lil' Blog at ChildsWork's ChildsPlay Blog

Tree, New Zealand by Neil Kramer

When It's Not Norman Rockwell by (The Empress) Alexandra of Good Day Regular People 

The art of a well secured mitten by Stacey of Is There Any Mommy Out There?

One more thing about Chanukah by Deborah of Peaches & Coconuts

Juli's son Sam. Morning, New Zealand by Neil Kramer

Dreams of a New World… by Ariane of Emma's Hope Book

A Christmas Miracle by Tracy of Sellabit Mum

A perfect nonsensible pair by Kris of Pretty All True
Christmas Caroler, Los Angeles by Neil Kramer

And, last but not least, a bit of holiday cheer (this being December and all)...

The Seventh Annual Blogger Christmahanukwanzaakah Online Holiday Concert! by Neil of Citizen of the Month

Finally, as has been my habit for a while now, I am leaving you with a vertical triptych of photos from Neil. I really love finding 3 images that work together this way...

Photos by Neil Kramer


  1. thanks, Varda! I can't wait to read all of the other stuff on here I haven't yet...

  2. Thank you Varda! I love these photos and all these blogs listed. Off to read!

  3. I love that you do this. I must try to share the love on my blog, as well. So many thought-provoking, funny, sweet posts that I think everyone in all the land would enjoy reading. You're a real mensch, Varda. Happy New Year!!

  4. Beautiful, Varda. I love the photographs!

  5. Great compilation and I've read some but look forward to learning about new (to me) writers. Happy New Year.

  6. As always, a gift. You're one of those people who makes the interwebz a better place, Madam V. Here's to joy & health & happiness in 2013.

  7. Thank you, Varda. You are one of my favorite people. Ever. In a long time.



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