Friday, September 10, 2010

I'm a Hopeful Parent again today

It's the 10th of the month, so my second post for Hopeful Parents is up today:

That wonderful new school I wrote about in June? Jake starts there in three short days after a long, long month of all-Mom-all-the-time vacation. We survived it. Barely.

Read my thoughts about this transition here, at the Hopeful Parents site:

Reading over my post, I realize it is way light on the "fears" part, other than my struggles to get Jacob with the program over uniforms (ugh, don't ask.) I guess that's because for once in my life I'm trying to not "borrow trouble."

I figure something's going to screw up, probably royally, but since I can't anticipate exactly what it will be, worrying about it isn't going to prevent anything. It's only going to put more gray in my hair, and wake me up with momsomnia, and who needs that?

So, I'm going with cautious optimism here. And I'll keep you posted on how that's working for me.


  1. Good luck to both of you! Keeping all my fingers crossed.

  2. I just finished reading your Hopeful Parent post and the one above. I love the way you don't sugar coat your reality - giving us the real deal. I'm sending tons o' good vibes your way...let us know how the first day turns out!

  3. Nice to read your blog. I used to care for a boy with autism - makes for interesting times. I find your son quite adorable.


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