Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The “S” word is Stupid!

NOTE: This post originally appeared on the sadly closed NYC Moms Blog.

It’s really funny, but when you have a kid with special needs like I do, behaviors that would be questionable from your typical kids become things of joy when your autistic kid does them.  Case in point:

This afternoon, my 7 year old son Jacob was in the living room with his wonderful 1 on 1 therapist Becca, who comes three afternoons a week to push, push, push his envelope. They were playing with Mr. Potato Head, working on those pesky prepositions that give Jacob such trouble. 

When you’ve got language processing issues, the more abstract a concept, the harder it is to really wrap your brain around.  Prepositions are all relational, while other attributes are absolute.  Jacob has no problems with absolutes.  You see, the blue shoe is always blue, but “on top of”, “next to”, that can change on a dime. 

Becca’s trying to get Jacob to ask specifically for the parts he needs, and he’s doing a great:  “I want the 2 white hands that are in front of the green hat.” Jakey is rockin’ it!  Mr. Potato Head is being assembled, and I am so happy listening in on them from the room next door.

Then, Jake is having trouble pushing a piece into place – “This is so stupid!” he shouts in frustration.  WOW!!!!  

Now, in our house, “Stupid” is the “S” word (thank goodness they don’t know the other one yet) and is quite frowned upon.  If Ethan were to use it to describe another person, especially his twin brother Jacob, he would be reminded how not OK that is. 

But in this case, I am so, so proud of Jacob for expressing his frustration just like a “typical kid” instead of growling or hitting himself on the head, as he has done in the past, that I want to run into the living room and kiss him.  I want to swoop him up and dance a jig of joy because my son has said “stupid” and meant it.  

My son Jacob has learned to cuss, yea!!!

Next up on the agenda: learning to lie.


  1. The S word has always been a bad word in this house too but yes, if my little fella siad it and used it appropriately then I would jump for joy too :D Jen

  2. Yeah, Jacob! In this context, "stupid" is a word straight from heaven.


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